Hand-Wired Amps

These are the amplifiers that the Bad Cat name was founded upon. Meticulously crafted piece by piece these amps are wired by hand, point to point works of art, using only the finest components and materials available.

USA Player Series Amps

Historically paying less for an amp has meant sacrificing on tone and feel. To lower costs, amplifier manufacturers have moved away from point to point hand-wiring to turret board or PCB type construction methods. These amplifiers usually get the overall tone of a hand-wired amp but often times lack the dynamics and feel of a true point to point hand-wired amplifier. Until now.
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Bad Cat takes a 'no compromise' approach when designing and producing amplifiers. Our goal in each classic style, hand built amplifier is to achieve great tone and sturdy construction. Bad Cat Amplifiers are designed and built entirely in Southern California. Each step of this process is where the quest for perfection really begins. Our team gets really excited about what sets Bad Cat apart. We call it the ‘Bad Cat Difference’. Meticulously paying attention to each component affecting the sound and performance of our amplifiers is a journey we love to undertake every day.

Our users benefit from our passion every time they plug in and crank up their favorite Bad Cat amp. Since we also play what we build, it is truly gratifying for the Bad Cat Team to be a part of bringing each product to light.