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Our customers benefit from our passion every time they plug in and crank up their favorite Bad Cat amp.

Since we also play what we build, we take pride in building your perfect dream amp. Because it's ours too.

No Compromises

We take such pride in our craft that we believe that each amp and it's components should be made right here in our own facilities using custom components that we design.


Our custom wound transformers are designed by Bad Cat engineers and manufactured right here in Southern California in our facilities. Much larger than other amps of similar power ratings, they are built for durability and impart a sonic clarity that is truly unique to Bad Cat.


Custom built specifically for us in a joint collaboration between Celestion and Bad Cat, these 60 watt speakers share characteristics of vintage Celestion Blue Alnico and vintage greenbacks. They have been voiced to bring out extra clarity, mid-range punch and that famous Bad Cat snarl and growl.

Lifetime Warranty

Because we take pride in our quality craftsmanship,

Bad Cat Amplifiers has a limited lifetime warranty on select amps and cabs

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