What is the difference between the USA Player Series and the Legacy Series amps?

Both are hand built in our California shop by our experienced crew using the same chassis, components and transformers. Components on our Legacy amps are connected with meticulous point-to-point solder joints. Identical components on the USA Player Series amps are through-hole mounted on a military grade circuit board. Still constructed by hand, the PCB construction offers time savings, build consistency and the ability to isolate grounding planes for reduced noise. This method of construction requires a different style of jacks, potentiometers and tube sockets, but no expense is spared. We use Cliff jacks, premium grade sealed pots and shock mounted ceramic tube sockets to maintain the same level of quality as our Legacy Series. All Bad Cat amps are housed in the same finger-joined cabinetry and equipped with our proprietary Bad Cat UK Celestion speaker. 

USA Player Series - Cub 15R  USA Player Series - Cub 40R
Classic Pro 20R