Good morning John

I wanted to share a success story from the New Year's Eve gig I played last night of which my new Cub III 30R head/ 1 x 12 cab was the key component.
This was a catered private party in an exclusive gated community north of Boston where this guy paid a nice amount of $ for everything and spared no expense on the band, which consisted of a mixed bag of really good players from the Boston blues / R&B scene. The unique aspect of this show was it was being held inside a house with ample space & high ceilings, but still a residence, so volume control was imperative....I had to straddle the line of hanging in the mix with a drummer and harmonica player blowing harp through a Bassman , without being the "obnoxious guitar guy".

The other thing was the material ranged from traditional electric blues to deep Memphis soul, Motown hits, even some American Songbook seasonal standards ( Baby it's Cold Outside, auld Lang syne); it was what I'd call a "hipster GB" gig.

Well....the Cub III 30R delivered & then some. I played a Fender AVRI '59 Stratocaster exclusively all night; making occasional subtle adjustments to the K Master & preamp volume, introducing or eliminating the EF86 via foot switch or simply changing pickup settings and the gig was COVERED. The bass player whom I've known for 20 + years and has heard me with every rig I've owned , from vintage tweeds & archtops through various boutique stuff etc., was blown away by the overall tone, warmth, reverb and amazing versatility of the amp. He's also a guitarist so I think you may be hearing from him..?

As I've described it before, this amp brings " the sound in my head" to reality and I couldn't be happier...
So.... Thank you!!!

Nick Adams